Texas Hold'em Odds

SituationPercentage Odds Ratio Odds
Preflop Probabilities:
Dealt AA.0.45%220 to 1
Dealt AK.1.2%82 to 1
Dealt AKs.0.3%331 to 1
Dealt 72o.0.9%109 to 1
Being dealt AA vs. KK (heads up).0.004%22,559 to 1
Dealt a pocket pair.6%16 to 1
Dealt suited connectors.4%24 to 1
Flop Probabilities:
Flopping a pair.32.4%2.2 to 1
Flopping a set (with pockets).11.8%7.5 to 1
Paired Board:
2 players, probability of trips.17%4.8 to 1
3 players, probability of trips.26%3 to 1
4 players, probability of trips.34%2 to 1
5 players, probability of trips.43%1.4 to 1

How to use Texas Hold'em odds.

While the odds presented in this Texas Hold’em table might not drastically alter your overall strategy, they’re still quite fascinating. The table provides the Texas Hold’em odds for various scenarios in both percentage and ratio formats. Feel free to use whichever style you’re more at ease with.

Other poker odds charts.

If you need handy odds charts to decide whether to call during a drawing hand, the following tables are useful:

  1. Ratio Odds Chart.
  2. Percentage Odds Chart.

Each of these charts provides the odds of completing your draw based on the number of outs you have. For further information on calculating odds and other related mathematical concepts, refer to the article on pot odds.

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