Pocket pair chart.

PairPercentage OddsRatio Odds
AA0.5%220 to 1
KK+0.9%110 to 1
QQ+1.4%73 to 1
JJ+1.8%54 to 1
TT+2.3%43 to 1
99+2.7%36 to 1
88+3.2%31 to 1
77+ 3.6%27 to 1
66+4.1%24 to 1
55+4.5%21 to 1
44+5.0%19 to 1
33+5.4%17 to 1
22+5.9%16 to 1
  • Odds or receiving any pocket pair: 5.9% or 16 to 1.
  • Odds of receiving a specific pocket pair: 0.45% or 220 to 1.

How to use the pocket pairs odds chart.

In the pocket pairs odds chart, the initial column lists the spectrum of pocket pairs you might receive. The “+” sign following each pocket pair denotes that pair or a better one. Therefore, “JJ+” encompasses the probabilities of getting JJ, QQ, KK, or AA.

The remaining two columns in the chart provide you with both the percentage and ratio odds of being dealt a pocket pair. The percentage odds are rounded to one decimal point for clarity, while the ratio odds are rounded to the nearest whole number for simplicity.

Pocket pairs odds.

The odds chart clearly shows that the probability of getting a high pocket pair is relatively small compared to the odds of being dealt any pocket pair.

The chance of getting any pocket pair, such as 22 or better, is consistent across the board. Similarly, the probability of getting a particular pocket pair, like Tens or Kings, aligns with the numbers indicated in the AA column. Interestingly, the odds of being dealt a pair of 22s are precisely the same as those for receiving a pair of AAs.

How to play pocket pairs.

Pocket pairs in Texas Hold’em are quite advantageous. They can win large pots, either by forming a set or being an unexpected overpair. Often, the ‘hidden’ nature of a pocket pair in Hold’em leads to some of the game’s largest pots.

Playing big pocket pairs is generally straightforward, but be cautious not to slowplay them, as they aren’t unbeatable. For strategies on playing major pocket pairs like Aces, Kings, and Queens, refer to relevant articles.

A common error among amateur players is the slowplaying of strong pairs such as Aces or Kings. Remember, they are still just a pair and can be easily outmatched if opponents are given too many chances to improve their hands.

Small pocket pairs, while potentially tricky, can be highly profitable with the right strategy. It’s worth looking into strategies specific to small pocket pairs to maximize their potential in your game.

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