All-in hands probability odds chart.

Typical Match UpHand 1Hand 2
Under Pair vs. OvercardsT♦ T♠ -- 57% -- 43%A♣ K♥
Overpair vs. PairK♣ K♠ -- 80% -- 20%9♦ 9♣
2 Overcards vs. 2 UndercardsA♦ Q♣ -- 63% -- 37%5♦ 7♥
Dominated HandA♥ J♦ -- 79% -- 21%J♣ T♦
Very Dominated HandQ♠ Q♦ -- 89% -- 11% Q♥ J♦
Overcard vs. Dominated KickerA♦ 9♥ -- 29% -- 71%9♣ 9♠
Pair vs. 1 Overcard8♥ 8♦ -- 69% -- 31%A♠ 5♣
1 Overcard vs. 2 Middle CardsJ♣ 4♥ -- 57% -- 43% 6♥ 8♠

How to use the all in match-ups odds chart.

This table is a great tool for approximating your winning chances in typical all-in scenarios, though it doesn’t precisely detail the probabilities for specific match-ups.

Take, for example, the pair versus overcards situation. In such a case, 2♦ 2♠ has about a 53% chance of winning against A♣ K♥, rather than being a marginally stronger favorite like T♦ T♠, which would have a 57% likelihood of winning. This variation is attributed to other elements, such as the likelihood of two overpairs appearing on the board, which could result in a higher two-pair with a superior kicker for the player holding A♣ K♥.

All in match up odds evaluation.

The table reveals that some match-ups are tighter than they might initially appear. For example, in a scenario where you dominate with A♥ J♦ against J♣ T♦, your opponent still has a 1 in 4 chance of winning the pot. Thus, it’s wise to temper your excitement when such hands are revealed in an all-in situation, as your opponent might not be as significantly behind as you assume.

An intriguing all-in match-up often seen is AK versus a lower pair. The table indicates that, while the odds are quite evenly matched, the lower pair tends to hold a slight edge.

Consequently, it’s generally more advantageous to be the one pushing all-in with AK rather than calling an all-in. When calling with AK against a lower pair, the play tends to be disadvantageous over time. By pushing all-in with AK, you create an opportunity for your opponent to fold, fearing an overpair, which enhances your long-term prospects.

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