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The Benelux Poker Tour Triumph

As autumn paints Sofia in shades of sunset, the city’s heartbeat syncs with the shuffle of cards and the silent dramas unfolding at the felt tables. The Benelux Poker Tour, hosted in the heart of Bulgaria, culminated in a crescendo of skillful plays and bold bets.

Event Recap:

Dates: 7th to 13th November 2023
Venue: Monte Casino Sofia | Poker Room

A Tradition Reborn:
The Benelux Poker Tour is not merely a contest of cards; it’s a legacy rekindled. With players hailing from across Europe, it’s a melting pot of tactics and tales. And in this edition, Bluffing Monkeys Poker has woven itself into the fabric of this storied event.

Monte Casino Sofia: The Poker Coliseum:
Our players enjoyed the grandeur of Monte Casino Sofia’s Poker Room, a venue where opulence met the thrill of competition, and every hand dealt was a dance with destiny.

A Symphony of Strategy:
The week-long festival offered a medley of events to suit every poker palate. From the cerebral dances of Omaha to the rapid-fire sprints of Turbo rounds, our players had it all.

Sofia: The Stage of Legends:
Nestled amidst architectural marvels and gastronomic wonders, Sofia stood as a grand witness to the skill and spectacle that unfolded. It was not just a tournament, but a cultural odyssey.

Where every chip is a story, and every player is a protagonist in the grand saga of the Benelux Poker Tour.

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